Hi. I’m Doug.

My goal in life is to inspire and support lifelong learning and making. Here’s what I’m working on to achieve that goal.


Verbal To Visual

Maximize your creative and professional potential by learning how to sketch out ideas by hand.

I'll teach you how.

Free video lessons and full-fledged courses to help you build and apply your visual note-taking skills.

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Learn In Public

Build your skills while you build an audience, and create amazing opportunities for yourself.

Jump right in.

I'll help you get over the hurdle of sharing your works-in-progress with the world.

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The Graphic Recorder

My growing archive of sketchnotes: visual notes on interesting books, talks, podcasts, and more.

Take a look.

You'll learn something new, and might even be inspired to pick up a pen and start sketching.

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Van Life

I live in a 1999 Ford Conversion Van that I have turned into a mobile home and work studio.

Follow my journey.

I like making videos about where I'm traveling, what I'm working on, and how to live this lifestyle well.

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