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90 Hours On A Train

I’ve developed a new addiction: long-distance train travel.

Travel has always been a source of inspiration and rejuvenation, but this latest kick has an added component: intense work on projects that I care about.

The latest: a trip from Portland, Oregon to Chicago, Illinois. During this trip I spent 90 hours on the train and 20 hours in Chicago.

I booked that trip because I wanted a mobile office where I could edit a bunch of videos for my latest course over at Verbal To Visual – How To Make Sketchnote Videos.

In the video above I try to capture why I enjoy working from trains so much.

It’s like a small-scale artist residency. I’m confined to the space of the train and the time of the trip but have unlimited inspiration when I look out the window.

I fell in love with long-distance train travel just seven months ago, during a trip from Portland down to L.A. to visit my brother. During that trip I made this video:

If I can manage a few of these trips each year, then not only will I be a happy man, I’ll be getting a shit ton of work done too.

Here’s hoping you can find the time and space to do the same.

Happy travels,


September 9th, 2016

Portland, Oregon