Full-Time Van Dwelling In T-Minus 25 Days - Doug Neill

Full-Time Van Dwelling In T-Minus 25 Days

I just bought a van and I’ve got less than a month to turn it into a home.

This is a childhood dream come true, so there’s no lack of energy or excitement on my part.

The Van

My soon-to-be mobile home is a 1999 Ford E-150 conversion van with 119,529 miles on it.

The Van

At the moment it just has seats, but I like how homey it already feels to me.

Why Van Life?

I’ve loved road trips since I was a kid, and in my twenties I got to do some traveling abroad. Through those experiences I realized how much I enjoy travel and adventure, and I’ve intentionally been building an online business over the last four years for the specific purpose of flexibility.

Even though I’ve done a decent amount of traveling over the last four years, I’ve never lived a fully mobile lifestyle.

But I couldn’t be more excited to give it a go.


I’m in the very early stages of planning out the customizations I’d like to make to the van.

The Back

Here’s what I know so far:

  • I want to remove the middle and back seats
  • I want a bed in the back with storage space underneath
  • I want a table workspace that can be used to make sketchnote videos
  • I don’t need a permanent cooking/water station (I’ll be using my backpacking gear for that)

The Middle

I was able to remove the back seat already, but the two middle chairs aren’t as easy to remove.

Once I get those out I’ll start doing cardboard-box mockups of potential setups until I’m happy with the plan and have space dedicated to all of the essentials.

Speaking of essentials…I think it’s time to make a list of everything that will go in the van. I’ll share that with you next time.

Till then,


August 7th, 2016