Living A Project-Based Life - Doug Neill

Living A Project-Based Life

In this weekly vlog I share all of the projects that I’m slowly building and reflect on what it means to live a project-based life.

This is also the first time I’ve incorporated a sketched overlay into a video. Kinda cool, right? Some kinks to work out, but I’ll get there.

Timestamps & Links

Saturday, July 2nd: 0:00 – 15:45

Here are the four projects I’m currently working on:

Sunday, July 3rd: 15:45 – 23:03

15:45 – A discussion of projects within projects, and finding balance between ongoing projects (things that occur on a weekly basis – like the videos I make at Verbal To Visual) vs. discrete projects (something that I spend a decent chunk of time making, then ship and be done with – like The Verbal To Visual Yearbook and the new course on sketchnote videos that I’m working on.

Monday, July 4th: 23:03 – 30:04

23:05 – Trying to find the right overlap between distinct projects that help you hook one activity into the next.

25:11 – A discussion of projects as businesses. I consider Verbal To Visual & Learn In Public to be businesses (in the field of education), and before too long I want to add a business component to The Graphic Recorder and as well (more in the field or art). The goal here is a diversified income that allows me to fully support myself via my creative endeavors.

Tuesday, July 5th: 30:04 – 37:34

31:11 – A discussion of project-based learning, and how I hope to build that into the two online classrooms that I’m running.

34:46 – Thinking of the four projects I’m working on as containers for the work that I want to do and how I want to spend my time that, hopefully for decades to come!

Friday, July 8th: 37:34 – 39:44

37:42 – A discussion of the importance of taking breaks! And stepping away from your projects for a period of time so that you have a new perspective on them when you come back. I’ve built small-scale sabbaticals into my projects for that purpose, and this time it’ll be two-weeks long so that I can plan out some fairly major life changes on the way! More on that soon 🙂

Music by Jeff Kaale.