Olallie Lake 2016 - An Oregon road and camping trip - Doug Neill

Olallie Lake 2016

This past weekend I went on a camping trip with a group of friends to Olallie Lake within the Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon.

In addition to simply spending three days outdoors hanging out with friends, I also wanted to experiment with the making of a video to capture the experience.

I’ve made small videos related to travel before (here and here), but this one is by far the most comprehensive capture of a trip. I had fun making it, and hopefully the camera didn’t annoy my friends too much in the process.

I was testing out a new camera (the Canon G7X Mark II) – smaller than the DSLR that I use for most Verbal To Visual and Learn In Public videos – and I love its size and how easy it is to use. For simplicity I left it in auto mode and wasn’t disappointed.

You’ll see a few sketched elements here and there (like those I added to the latest weekly vlog). The sketched layer on top of live video is still a format that I’m testing out, but I think it’s got staying power.

I’m also realizing that the general category of travel/adventure filmmaking is one I’d like to keep playing around with.

So here’s to the next weekend adventure, and the video capture thereof.

Till next time,


August 1st, 2016