You’re Doing Your Own Thing. It’s Singular.

I stumbled upon a video earlier this week of Pharrell Williams holding a masterclass for music students in New York City.

Four artists got to sit up next to Pharrell while he listened to their music and then gave some notes.

But for the last artist, Maggie Rogers, something different happened.

In response to her song, Pharell had no notes. He had just listened to something unique, something he couldn’t judge, but that he clearly loved.

Instead of notes, he had this to say:

“You’re doing your own thing. It’s singular. It’s like when the WuTang clan came out, no one could really judge it – you either liked it or you didn’t, but you could’t compare it to anything else. That is such a special quality, and all of us possess that ability, but you have to be willing to seek. And you have to be willing to be real frank in your music, and frank in your choices.”

It’s that seeking that I’m trying to dive into as I slowly build a creative career around learning, teaching, and making art in various forms.

Through my seeking and my work I hope to one day create the type of experience that you can see in Pharrell’s face while listening to Maggie’s song.

 Pharrell Williams on Maggie Rogers