From ABC to 123

Recorded on October 25th, 2018

From ABC to 123

0:42 – 7:23

Welcome to the first test episode of the show! I’ve decided to get comfortable with this new format before I make it public. Let’s kick it off with some thoughts on starting something new, how long to keep it private, and when to make it public.

  • In the segment there’s a lot of overlap with the ideas I share in the online course Learn in Public.

Side Quest Accepted

7:23 – 22:25

How a podcast series on creative side projects helped me to develop this new show of mine, and the layers of strategy that you can add to your own side project to turn it into a side quest that helps you move forward with your creative career.

A Tale of Two Taglines

22:25 – 28:08

The evolution of the single-sentence description of this show, and the benefits of crafting an elevator pitch for each of your creative projects.

  • Verbal To Visual’s tagline: “Note-taking tools for learners and makers.”
  • The first iteration of the tagline for this show: “Your weekly companion on the journey toward creative fulfillment.”
  • The current elevator pitch: “I am in the process of building a sustainable creative career, and what I do here on the podcast is share the ideas that are exciting me right now and how I’m applying those ideas to my work, with the hope that at least some of those ideas and their applications are helpful to you and your work.”

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