Hedgehog Mode & The Flywheel Effect - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #9

Hedgehog Mode & The Flywheel Effect

How two big ideas from Jim Collins – Hedgehog Mode and the Flywheel Effect – apply to my work at Verbal to Visual, and how you can start putting them to use in the development of your creative career.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #9

Recorded on February 21st, 2019

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My Experience With Jim Collins

0:36 – 5:54

How the work of Jim Collins entered my life at significant moments and taught me valuable lessons.

Hedgehog Mode

5:54 – 13:08

  • Here’s an article from Jim Collins’ website on the Hedgehog Concept.
  • I feel pretty lucky that the work I do at Verbal to Visual lands at the intersection of the three components of the hedgehog concept: work that you’re passionate about, work that you’re encoded for, and an economic engine to support that work.
  • What are the three components of your hedgehog mode?

The Flywheel Effect

13:08 – 22:14

  • Here’s an article from Collins’ website about the Flywheel Effect.
  • The current two components of Verbal to Visual’s flywheel: public videos (and occasionally sketchnotes) on the blog, and a growing number of online courses for purchase.
  • I’m looking forward to experimenting with a four-push approach (publishing sketchnotes more regularly and revisiting old courses to make additions and improvements) once I’ve finished Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes (which is pretty darn soon!).
  • What are the components of your flywheel that builds momentum for your creative career?

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