Nature's Creative Fuel - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #13

Nature’s Creative Fuel

Exploring the role that nature can play in your creative life.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #13

Recorded on March 24th, 2019

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An Immersive Experience

0:32 – 11:02

How time spent in natural environments can produce a sense of renewal and bring momentum where before there was stagnancy.

  • The podcast conversation between Debbie Millman and Ingrid Fetell Lee.
  • My sketchnotes of that convo.
  • Just because it’s common sense that doesn’t mean it’s common practice. I’ve heard that sentiment numerous times from Todd Henry on his podcast The Accidental Creative.
  • A blog post that I wrote (and published on a since-abandoned site) about my walks in Forest Park.

The Power of Passive Stimulation

11:02 – 15:54

The surprising power of a window with a view.

  • One of my previous offices was a windowless room in the basement of Wayfinding Academy (check out Michelle’s TEDx talk!).
  • The only challenge of lots of natural light in my current space – makes it hard to maintain consistent lighting when making course videos for Verbal To Visual!

A Cross-Country Train Trip

15:54 – 18:45

An upcoming experience that could be the perfect combination of an immersive travel experience with plenty of passive stimulation.

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