That’s Not Your Job

In this episode we explore what is and what isn’t your job when it comes to promoting your creative work, how to manage the transition from one big project to the next, and why it might be helpful to develop some style guides that support your regular creative work.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #1

Recorded on November 30th, 2018

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That’s Not Your Job

0:37 – 8:18

The fears of spreading the word about your creative work, and how it’s not your job to say “no” on the behalf of others.

Project-to-Project Transitions

8:18 – 17:14

Thoughts on how to smoothly transition from one big project to another, and the importance of a bit of a break in between them.

Style Guides

17:14 – 25:12

The importance of developing a consistent (but still flexible) format and style for your regular (repeated) creative work.

  • The most recent application of style guides: discussing lesson formats within the resource Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes.
  • I’m also working toward a more consistent style on Verbal To Visual’s YouTube channel and blog page.
  • And I’m establishing style guides for the different media I’m creating in connection with this new podcast!
  • A good example of well-established style: Creative Pep Talk.

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