The Rough-to-Polished Spectrum of Creative Work - The Doug Neill Show - Episode 11

The Rough-to-Polished Spectrum of Creative Work

Exploring where your creative work lives on the rough-to-polished spectrum, and why it might be worth it to move back and forth along it.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #11

Recorded on March 8th, 2019

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Setting the Stage

0:35 – 5:28

How I’ve been infusing some roughness into a fairly polished product.

  • The latest resource I’ve been working on at Verbal To Visual: Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes – I’ve been enjoying maintaining a conversational tone within the lessons I’m creating.
  • Where does the work that you currently do fit along the rough-to-polished spectrum?

The Variables at Play

5:28 – 10:32

The things that contribute to (and result from) where your work lives on the rough-to-polished spectrum: time, energy, quality, and impact.

My Approach

10:32 – 16:45

The way in which I try to have a balanced approach by taking on some projects that live on the rough side, and others that live on the polished side of this spectrum.

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