The Doug Neill Show: Episode #2; Shoot for 80%; Cause and Effect; Co-Working with Friends

Shoot for 80%

In this episode we explore why shooting for 80% is a great approach to regular creative work, the role of short-term and long-term cause and effect dynamics, and the value of connecting regularly with other folks who are also pursuing creative goals.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #2

Recorded on December 14th, 2018

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Shoot for 80%

0:37 – 8:14

A look at my creative process when developing videos for Verbal To Visual, and why I shoot just for 80% rather than 90% or 100%.

Cause & Effect

8:14 – 15:09

Relearning the lesson that it’s not good for me to have coffee after noon, and why it’s worth it to pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day and adjust your approach and expectations accordingly.

Co-Working with Friends

15:09 – 29:16

The value of setting aside time regularly to meet up (in person or on the internet) with friends who are also pursuing creative goals.

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