Technical Difficulties - The Doug Neill Show: Episode #12

Technical Difficulties

How a crashed website prompted some useful questions about where my creative work lives.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #12

Recorded on March 17h, 2019

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The Technical Difficulties Explained

0:36 – 8:54

How my websites broke, and how that could have been avoided.

The Short-Term Fix

8:54 – 17:49

My short-term solution for paying customers, and a look at where all of my creative assets actually live.

  • Where the audio files for this podcast live: Libsyn.
  • My biggest concern: folks that have picked up one of my courses and couldn’t access them in the normal way.
  • My short-term fix: using my email provider (ConvertKit) to send out emails with direct links to videos and PDFs just to those folks who had purchased a course.
  • A platform that allows for the creation and selling of online courses that I’ll be looking into: Kajabi.

What I’ve Learned

17:49 – 23:32

The four lessons that I learned from facing these technical difficulties.

  • This was a good opportunity for me to put my mindfulness skills to use, which I’ve been focusing on this year.
  • The external technology that I’m leaning on while building a community and building resources connected to this podcast: Patreon

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